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Sunday, June 9th, Following the 7:00 PM Show- Famous, Post Show TalkBack Featuring Corey Feldman, Dawn Dunning, Writer/Director And Cast Of Famous

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Hi #EVERYBODY, I wanted 2 write this special piece 2day, as I was riveted & deeply moved by the most emotionally powerful & shockingly honest play I’ve ever seen. Now let me start by saying, I certainly had a deeper connection 2 the story than most of U will, as it was a page taken right out of my book. Or many pages to be quite literal. 

When I arrived @ The 11:11 Theater in Hollywood w my family, including my brother Eden, who I’ve been spending more time with recently, I had no idea what I was in 4. 

That is until I was greeted by a nice man by the name of Michael Leoni. He approached me with his hand out, and an impish smile, & welcomed me warmly, as he introduced himself as the director of the piece. He thanked me for coming, & said it meant the world 2 him that I had come, as the entire play was loosely based on my life. I use the term loosely in this case…well…quite loosely as he then quickly admitted that he is a huge fan of my book #COREYOGRAPHY & he instructs each actor who joins the cast 2 read it, before starting rehearsals. 

Well needless 2 say this certainly caught my attention. With a nervous chuckle I quietly thanked him, & showed my family to their seats. I was perplexed. How could this play have anything 2 do with me or my story? And why am I the last 2 know about all of this?

As we settled in our seats I gazed upon the set, which immediately looked familiar, like a place I knew well. Just then the lights grew dark, and a beating pulsing soundtrack filled the theater. This soundtrack was a mix of psychedelic jazz fused with funky break downs and pulsing beats, & was quite a driving character through the night.

It was scored by a man named Connor Youngblood, which almost sounds like a fake Porn name in the context of the story’s themes. But nevertheless the music along w the story became immediately engaging and hypnotic. 

As the play began, I slowly started 2 realize what I was watching was not only telling my story, but also telling the stories of thousands more just like me, who were used up, chewed on, & spit out, as just a baby, by everyone & everything around me, while growing up in a fast paced business, in an even faster city, with moments that slow down only long enough 2 take your next big breath in hopes of not running out of air before, U breathe again. 

That is Hollywood. It’s epitomized in this play. But not only does it speak of the sins of our industry, it also speaks 2 the abusive home life so many endure as they are used by their stage mothers as the meal ticket at all costs. Something my dear deceased friend Corey Haim also knew all 2 well. 

I saw Haim in the play. I of course saw myself in there. And my brother. And even my son 2 some extent, given he looked almost identical as the young actor (Derick Breeze) who plays the young version of Jason Mast the lead character, who is played half the time as older by Joshua Pafcheck.

Both actors individually are dynamic, & the moments they share the stage together is an absolute tour de force. I have never seen such intensity come from 2 young actors in the theater scene in Los Angeles. If these 2 guys don’t become future players in the business, I’ll start selling shoes. Cuz that’s how certain I am of their futures. 

Particularly Derek who admitted 2 us after the show, that this was his 1st ever acting job. I was shocked. He embodied the shy awkward, & humble boy inside of me, as I tried just 2 please everyone, while never succeeding. 

Every actor on that stage was Excellent! The ravishing beauty of Megan Davis who played the utility girlfriend/ part time co star of several lead characters, as she uses and abuses sex, drugs and emotions, as a cry out 2 her own father, who is an abusive pig, & power monger, who is single handily responsible 4 bringing chaos and destruction 2 each & every life he intercedes. 

But most important of all is the story. It’s a #metoo & #Kids2 story who’s message is so loud, so angry, so violent, & so clear, that anyone who has suffered abuse @ the hands of a monster, whether as a boy, girl, adult, or child, when it occurred, U will relate! 

And come prepared, as it may even trigger some. But like therapy, it’s a rewarding walk back through the dark corners, which is somehow comforting, 2 realize that U are not alone.

I was certainly far from alone, as I realized that I was watching my own life play out in a play. Luckily, I have fared far better than the plays lead, at least @ this point in my life, I feel like I’ve conquered the demons, that Jason still battles, & battles heavily. 

However dignity is earned with every step forward. Every step towards examining your own #TRUTH, & every step towards making them C that I was berated & defamed, out of guilt by those who were guilty. I still am. 

But I have found enough confidence & pride, through the love of God, 2 carry the torch, 4 all the lost soldiers. So an amazing show like this is so beyond important 2 shine a brighter light then my single torch, can illuminate. 

However collectively we can light up the sky with #HOPE & #CHANGE if we #BELIEVE! Unfortunately it’s only playing in LA 4 now. So if U happen 2 b in the LA area any weekend this month, please don’t miss your chance 2 C this powerful and important show. 

My hope is this talented cast, crew, & entire production gets picked up by the Big Boys & taken 2 Broadway!! They certainly deserve it, & I assure U, more people will relate 2 this show quite unfortunately than U could possibly imagine.

It’s called “Famous” & it it can be found here or on @instagram as @Famoustheplay they also have a Facebook pg. #THETRUTHISCOMING #Kids2 #PRESERVEINNOCENCE

@cdogg22 @michaelleoni1111 #kids2 #mentoo #metoo

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FELDMANS “PINK FLOYD” FRIDAY FLASHBACK: As many of U may know, I’m a HUGE Pink Floyd Fan! So much so that I created my own band in the same vein as Floyd called #TRUTHMOVEMENT. My band aims 2 achieve the unique sound that Floyd created but with a modern twist 4 2days modern music scene. My vision is 2 honor their Amazing art form, & Rogers unique poetic & introspective style of writing, by somehow carrying the torch once they R no longer giving us new music. Through my journeys I have had the unique fortune of meeting & spending time discussing music w all 4 original members, have had the chance 2 perform w Nick Mason (drummer), & even got lucky enough as 2 have the great Jon Carin (Floyd member since 86) co write & co produce 7 of the songs on TMs last record #TECHNOLOGYANALOGY & also managed 2 get Floyd’s Sax player from 86-89 Scotty Page to do the horn work, & then even got Floyd’s conceptual artist Storm Thorgerson 2 create the albums cover art, as he did w every classic Floyd album from #ANIMALS, 2 the #DARKSIDEOFTHEMOON. It’s all been a dream! And I am now looking towards getting the band back 2gether 4 a new TM album someday soon. So here’s a look back @ some of my fonder Floyd memories! PIC #1 -Me & Floyd Founder & visionary @rogerwaters , PIC #2– Me w Lead Guitarist & Lead vocalist @davidgilmour Pic #3 -a recent pic from his recent tour w Founding member & Drummer #NICKMASON, PIC #4 -W Founding member & Keyboardist #RICHARDWRIGHT RIP, The rest R a collection of moments w The Floydz. 1 pic even features my X wife Susie @andrew_susannah & @woodyharrelson from a dinner w Roger after his LA performance of #DSOTM, Another pic is a cake photographed backstage celebrating Gilmours recent solo album, & another is a Live shot of the famous #FLOYDSPIGGIE Flying across the @batterseastation And the final pic is the artwork created by the L8 & Gr8 #stormthorgerson from R album cover 4 #TECHNOLOGYANALOGY which I do #BELIEVE was his last full concept original album artwork b4 he passed. RIP! So enjoy the collection, & remember they R all just bricks in #THEWALL#FLOYDFRIDAY#FLASHBACKFRIDAY#LUCKIESTMANALIVE#GOODTIMES#GR8MUSIC#LOVELYLADS#BELIEVE#GO4IT

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