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Coreys Angels Presents: Corey Feldman BDAY BASH

This is what a true Corey’s Angels Corey Feldman’s Birthday party used to look like. Edited to Corey’s hit song “Ascension Millennium” from the popular EP “1st Glimpse of Heaven” and the forthcoming album, “Angelic 2 The Core”. This video was made in 2012 right before the media came in and sabotaged the events by portraying them in a negative light using unapproved images, with trick lighting. These were Beautiful parties, where everyone felt safe and happy. Unfortunately lies and deception have ruined this great event which was both sexy and entertaining. Now all we have are the memories and images of the enchanting world Corey created. ENJOY!

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Hi Friends,
I want 2 report 2 Everybody about our experience at the Corey’s Angels Bday Event last weekend. Though I had a good time w the Angels, and we had an amazing afterparty, the actual event was quite lackluster and a far cry from the very special and exclusive world that I had once created with Corey’s Angels. When we first started throwing these events they were selling out in days, and were packed to the brim with Gorgeous women, VIP clients, and a wide range of celebrities. We don’t exploit the celebrity guests at our events; therefore their presence was not really promoted or known. However we were very happy with the exclusive nature of our event. 2 years ago we agreed 2 allow a member of the press access 2 our very private world, and it turned out that they were there for a secret mission, to destroy the private world we created. A place where all the Beautiful girls who had endured abuse and torture throughout their lives, could come to be freed of that judgement, or criticism, and could feel appreciated and beautiful. However after enduring many brutal attacks in the media, at the hands of our competitors, the special world we created at these events has been severely damaged. What we experienced this past weekend was nothing like the events we made our name on.
However and luckily for us the Corey’s Angels brand is a multi-tiered company. In total it was created as a 360 management, development, and production entity that also throws private events. With the tremendous ratings spike that happened last Wed during ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap feat Corey’s Angels,  and the tremendous views all our music videos, and our LIVE TALK SHOW gained last year it became very clear that America wants 2 see more of Corey’s Angels.
With our production, and management sides of the business booming, we have many great projects under way. We have the All Angel band, which has done some touring over the summer. The Angel Band has just done a small handful of appearances to this point. However I am still hard at work completing the epic 22 song double CD album “Angelic 2 the Core!” With the “1st Glimpse of Heaven” EP still available at all digital download sites. We are also planning a huge world tour 2 coincide with the albums release. We also shot a pilot a few months ago 4 a new Corey’s Angels TV series. We also have a clothing line in the works.
So the actual world of Corey’s Angels remains alive and well.
All of that said, we feel the damage 2 our events side is 2 severe at this time 2 continue promising the same level of quality and service that we always have at these events. Therefore I am very sorry 2 say, we are temporarily closing down the events.
Since we felt that our reputation had been wrongfully tarnished in such a major way, all based on lies and trick photography, we wanted 2 leave U with a glimpse of what a Corey’s Angels Birthday Event was really like back in 2012 before the brutal attacks began. A time when all was well and good in the world of Corey’s Angels. When every woman at the events was gorgeous & the male guests felt very lucky just 2 be permitted 2 attend. Who knows…..maybe 1 day we will throw another event….but 4 now U will have 2 watch us on TV/the internet and you can hear our music, or come have the LIVE experience when we announce the tour. We hope 2 C U out there!
And now a quick reminder of the original and beautiful private world of Corey’s Angels:

God Bless & Thanx 4 your continued support!
Corey Feldman
& The Angels
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