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Logo Design Trends In 2017

Logos are slowly evolving and becoming better by the day. There are a lot of changes that are taking place and designers are picking the changes at a very fast rate. 2017 has seen some developments that have propelled logo design to different directions. The top five trends that stand out from the rest are the following.

Animated GIFs

This is a trend that has become so popular, and it is very intriguing, attractive, and fun. Many companies have web-based animated logo designs. This trend is catching up very fast, and it takes things from the monotony of staring at a stationary image to an exciting level where a person’s attention is captured by the movements of the logo design’s characters.

The Use of Photographic Texture

One thing that abstract photographic texture does to logo design is that it gives it life and personality in a very simple way. The texture also helps in evoking emotions in the people. An artistically and perfectly developed abstract photographic texture will always be impactful and very memorable. Many businesses are using this trend to make their logos more interesting and lively.

Use of fewer Colors

Of later, many companies are using logo designs that feature simple colors and a few colors. With the simplification of the color palette, the colors that are used are given more room to shine. This is as compared to when more than two bold colors used where each color is trying to outshine the other and thus bring competition. This trend is also great at creating the illusion that there is more color.

Use of Broken Letters

Broken letters are very interesting to look at. They capture the looker’s attention because they show the personality of the business more deeply. It also helps in adding a dramatic yet sophisticated character to the design making it very attractive. This is a trend that is expected to gain ground even in 2018.

Use of Patterns

The use of patterns is coming in a very strong way, and it is being embraced by so many major companies. Patterns make logo designs interesting, captivating, exciting, and more sophisticated. It is a great way of breaking the monotony of looking at a plain design.

Any business can take advantage of these new trends and use them during the evolution process of their logos. They will help in improving the logo and adding character and personality to it in a new way.

Color Psychology In Logo Design

Color Psychology in Logo Design. Our minds are inherently programmed to respond to colour. … An intense colour that can summon strong emotions from blood and warfare to love and passion. Used in logo design to grip the viewer’s attention and has been known to raise one’s blood pressure or make people hungry.When designing a logo for your business, it’s important to take into account the way people interpret color.