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Corey Feldman’s true height is 5’8. Wikipedia, Can We Get A TRUE Update? Wikipedia Needs To Update Incorrect Info About Corey Feldman!

Wikipedia has been posting incorrect information of “lies” for years as it is not true, and it needs to be corrected. 

True Facts:

Corey Feldman’s true height is 5’8.  (Corey Feldman is not 5’3 or 5’5 like Wikipedia states on their website.)
Note: Wikipedia has been stating blatantly incorrect information about the true height of Corey Feldman for over a decade.

Corey Feldman’s publicist signed on as the editor and corrected the information that Corey Feldman is 5’8, but Wikipedia still keeps posting it as 5’5. We, again, have corrected them multiple times in regards to correcting this issue.  

Corey Feldman has tried to have this corrected multiple times, and Wikipedia still shows the incorrect height in addition to many other various and false statements. 

Can we get someone at Wikipedia to please update and make Corey Feldman’s information correct?

Wikipedia states numerous, nonfactual, and opinionated information, which is very unfair, when the site should be about facts and not opinion or “trash talk” or “lies” about Corey Feldman.  Wikipedia should not state anything that is of their own opinion or incorrect about Corey Feldman.

In addition, Wikipedia failed to report some of Corey Feldman’s great accomplishments and positive information about Corey Feldman’s last album titled, Angelic 2 The Core. “Go 4 It” was Corey Feldman’s 1st top 40 single on Billboard charts. 

According to the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 Indicator, Corey Feldman and his song, “Go 4 It”, spent 6 to 7 weeks on the CashBox Magazine, Record World & Digital Radio Tracker Independent national Top 100 charts starting July 16, 2016. 

Angelic 2 the Core Album was Corey Feldman’s biggest selling album with multiple charting singles. 

Corey Feldman made history on The Today Show by earning the most views of any artist in history (at the time) almost 1 Billion views worldwide in a single day between the networks website and YouTube!

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