The Talk – Corey Feldman & Jerry O’Connell Sing ‘Stand By Me’ on ‘The Talk’

Oct 21, 2022Friday on “The Talk” host Jerry O’Connell joins former costar and longtime friend Corey Feldman with an exclusive performance of the song “Stand By Me” originally sung by Ben E. King from their coming-of-age 1986 film of the same name.


The Talk – Corey Feldman Brings ‘Stand By Me’ Prosthetic Ear; Says ‘Jordan Peele’ Bought at Auction

Oct 21, 2022

Friday on “The Talk” Corey Feldman reunites with former “Stand By Me” co-star Jerry O’Connell and shares an unusual sovereign he brought from the coming-of-age film. This is my ear from ‘Stand By Me.’ This is actually a wearable version of my ear. O’Connell explains, Corey Feldman’s character Teddy Duchamp, his ear was burned, and you put that on every day in make-up.” Feldman adds, “It was actually a much more detailed version of it…they had a mold of my ear, and they would glue it on every single day.” Sheryl Underwood asks, “Last year wasn’t one of the prosthetic ears auctioned off?” Feldman replies, “It was the only one…I thought this is a great way to raise some money…So what happened is we auctioned it off. You’ll never guess who ended up buying it. I found this out just last week, Jordan Peele. I had no idea until he was at my house last week. I was showing him a film of mine called ‘The Birthday,’ we had a little private screening. And I said I heard you were the one. Did you really buy it or did you get one of the copies…He said, no no it’s the real one. I said how much did you spend, and he told me. I said, ‘oh my God’ and he said yeah

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