Silver Screen Star Introduces All-Blonde Lingerie Clad Female Rock Band

LOS ANGELES, CA – Corey’s Angels is a °360 management, development, and production

entity, which also throws large scale private events and concerts. Corey’s Angels has produced

several music videos, two television pilots, a double album, and a ten episode talk/variety show.

The Angels have appeared in films such as Body High and even as guests on shows like the

CW’s LA Rangers and are currently shooting an ABC production for a special episode of a

popular show.

Corey’s Angels picks girls who have the triple threat of talent, looks, and heart and each girl is

hand-picked by Corey and must feature all of these traits. Courtney Anne Mitchell was the

world’s first official Corey’s Angel after starting her career as a Playboy model. Mitchell has

also become a world-renowned DJ since becoming a Corey’s Angel and she has performed all

over the U.S. including two appearances at the Sundance Film Festival and several upscale

private events for the likes of James Franco, Jenny McCarthy, Skrillex, Donny Wahlberg,

and Hugo Boss under the pseudonym DJ AC. Courtney also lends her vocals on Feldman’s new

album on the track “DUH!” which stands for Done Under the Halo!

Although he started in television and commercials since the age of three but it wasn’t until 1984,

Corey Feldman appeared in an astounding fifteen number one movies in a row, including Friday

the 13th: The Final Chapter; Gremlins; The Goonies; The Burbs and Stand By Me. In 1987,

Feldman appeared with Corey Haim in The Lost Boys, marking the first on-screen pairing of

what became known as “The Two Coreys.” The pair went on to star in a string of films,

including License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.

Corey began singing at the early age of three while auditioning in order to gain roles in his film

career. However, his true music career began with his first single released on vinyl in 1989 for

the film soundtrack for Dream a Little Dream. The song was called “Something In Your Eyes”

and Corey is planning on dusting it off and playing it live for the first time in his adult career. In

1994 Corey released his first solo album entitled Love Left which featured music from the film

Dream a Little Dream 2. He has since released two other solo albums and is now preparing for a

double album of new material centered around the Corey’s Angels brand. His new album

“Angelic 2 The Core”, featuring appearances by Doc Ice, Kaya Jones, Fred Durst and Snoop

Dogg and others, includes his biggest hit song to date “Ascension Millennium” the video for

which has been viewed millions via MTV where it gained buzzworthy status in twelve hours.

Bonnaroo Cinema is proud to welcome Corey Feldman live in person for “The Ultimate Corey

Feldman Party”, featuring the first ever appearance of the newly formed all Angel band. The

event will be held June 12, 2015 and there will also be an interactive quote-along screening of

beloved Feldman classics such as; The Goonies (30th anniversary!) and The Lost Boys, and an

exclusive Q&A with Feldman.

This is the first perfomance with the full line up scheduled and announced at this time, however

there are a few small performances with DJ AC that includes May 30th in Akron, Ohio and the

end of August in Pennsylvania. Corey will be performing the music from the “1st Glimpse of

Heaven” EP as well as select songs from the fourth coming album ‘Angelic To The Core” and

classics from his film soundtracks and past albums, including “Something In Your Eyes” and

“What’s Up With The Youth” which have never been performed live. All of the music from

Corey’s Angels is released under Feldman’s Record Label CiFi Records, which has released five

prior albums since it’s inception.

Currently Corey’s Angels is solely photographed by Michael Vincent at his studio and all of the

shoots are produced at The Michael Vincent Academy (MVLA).


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