Last night 80s icon Corey Feldman dropped not one but two albums at a private party in Hollywood. To their credit the albums hold up on their own enough that they don’t need Feldman’s star power to sell, though it doesn’t hurt.

Feldman, who is best known for his roles in The Goonies and The Lost Boys, has been hard at work on the albums for almost a decade. “This is the result of 10 years of hard work and I couldn’t have done without the amazing people in this room,” Feldman told the full house at Adults Only in Hollywood.

The room was filled with not just fans but lifelong friends and supporters of Feldman’s work. “Corey and I have always been close and supported each other,” explained fellow 80s actor Keith Coogan. Also in attendance was fellow Lost Boys alumni Jamison Newlander and L.A. legend Rodney Bingenheimer.

Feldman and his Angels.

Feldman and his Angels.

The album, titled Angelic 2 the Core is 22 songs of Feldman exploring his range as a musician. Honestly, it totally works. Split up into a dance album and a rock album you can tell Feldman took his time on each track tweaking it to perfection. Of course it can’t hurt that he had a lot of supporters. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Fred Durst helped collaborate on the album to give it a very unique sound.

Feldman didn’t just release an album and expect fame. He more than paid his dues and learned the trade before releasing anything. That is to be commended in an culture where name dropping alone gets you attention. Feldman did the work and it shows.



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