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What Next After Graduating As a Graphic Designer?

There are so many people taking graphic design courses, and after graduation, they end up joining the many graduates in the market. As they graduate, all they think about is what next. This is a question that is always on every graduateā€™s mind, and this article will show you what next. The world is a place of endless possibilities. Therefore, if you do everything correctly, your life will be the best.

Your Options After Graduating

After graduating, you may land a job immediately. This is always the best case scenario. As a graphic designer, you can be employed by a firm for your skills in print design for things like cards, brochures, and the likes as well as the skills for creating user interface design assets for different websites such as logo design.

If you do not land a job immediately, you can explore the alternative of interning at a top-rated firm or volunteering there. There are so many IT firms that can always benefit from the services of a graphic designer with the most vital skill-set aimed for is the ability to create unique logo designs and icons for different companies and websites. Volunteering or interning will give you a platform to network.

While volunteering or interning, build your portfolio. All the logo designs, icons design, brochures designs, cards, and the likes should be nicely organized. This way, you will have something to use as evidence of your skills-set.

Once your portfolio is good enough, you can either:

Ask for permanent employment in that firm: since you have been around for a longer time in that firm, you can ask about the possibilities of being absorbed in the firm as one of the workers.

Seek employment in another firm: if there are no open positions, you can opt to look for positions in other firms using the portfolio you have and see if you will have luck on your side.

Start your firm: this is also a very viable option. It may require a lot of work, but if you are focused, you will get to where you want to go. Remember, having your own business is always better than being employed.

All these are options that are laid bare for you to choose from. In addition to that, there is the final option of being a freelancer. There are so many websites that freelancers can sign up in and offer their services. In these sites, you will get a lot of clients as you keep building your portfolio. Being a freelancer may send you down the path of owning your own company once your clientele becomes bigger.

I believe that you can see the brilliant future after graduation that every graphic designer has.