Road Trip

What do you do to make traveling with your kids a lot easier?

I read an article in American Baby that gave me more ideas then I already had. Some things I already do are packing Mini Buff a baggy of cereal or some other snack and having his sippy cup full of juice. And have an extra thing of juice to fill it when it gets empty. We also have a DVD player for the car. It’s strapped to the back of my seat so he can see it.

But other ideas people had were taking along some toys for the kids to play with. We sometimes bring along some Matchbox cars but most of the time we forget them. I should pack them up more. Taking breaks at rest stops too. Meaning, getting out, running around, stretching out your legs. I know running around shouldn’t be done at a rest stop, but you know what I mean. ;) We’ve never done that. Maybe he’d be a lot less cranky if we did that more often.

There were lots of other ideas, but that would make for a long post. And some of them are things we already do for him. :) So, lemme ask you, the readers, what do you do for your car time with your kids?

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  1. Good luck!! Someone once mentioned lollypops to me. Maybe even ask them how many licks…. LOL! Road trips are hard, but my kids seem to enjoy the DVD player and lots of books to thumb through.

  2. Perfect timing on this post. I just posted on my blog my very own travel bingo cards and scavenger hunt list. The list includes actual things we saw on the road with photos of the items making it easier for the little ones to play.

    I wrote the post after we went on a road trip and my wife suggested we play a game instead of just watching a DVD. So we created a list of things that we needed to look out for. The game lasted for almost an hour. I was surprised by how interested the kids were in playing.

  3. Being that we live on an island, our road trips aren’t very long. LOL!

    Thank you for submitting this to the Carnival of Family Life. Your post will be included in the July 30th edition at An Island Life.

  4. Depending on the length of the trip, I recommend getting up super early, or leaving very late, so that the kids sleep through most (or all :-) of the trip.

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    I found some new ways to keep my son occupied while we’re travling.

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  8. There are so many things you can do on a road trip. I made sure I asked plenty of people. But it boiled down to what would work for my children.

    I created a post last week to describe what happened on our cross country trip.

    My favourite tip was to stop by a park and let them run around like mad things. This worked for us as we traveled in the wee hours to beat the sun. We could spend a good amount of time playing in the cool morning.

    Looking forward to some other ideas.

  9. Just popping in from the Family Carnival. We travel so much with our kids. Road trips to see family are 16+ hour affairs so we’ve experienced a lot over the last 15 years of it. I’d have to give a shout out for perserverance and giving kids the opportunity to experience travel more being about as helpful as anything. ;)


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