Spent the day on RO

BoogerzillaThat’s right. I dedicated my day to leveling myself and my pet. His name is Boogerzilla (as you can see). He’s a monster pet called a Vanilmirth. They’re so awesome. I used to have an Amistr. But it ran away. I forgot to put it away when I went AFK. At the moment, I’m just alt+tabbed, feeding it when it needs it.

I got a lot done today. I got about 4% on my level, so I am now 55% away from 99! I’m so happy. I bought strength rings the other day which help me now and then. I wanted them for my Assassin, but she’s not high enough to wear them yet. I seriously have to work on her. I’m not gonna worry about rebirthing my Alchemist for a while. I have to get more money and more daggers before I do, since I’m going battle as Biochemist. I have a lot of item hunting to do. It’s gonna be a bitch!! But doable. I hope. I need to stop borrowing stuff from my friends. :lol:

I can’t wait until I 99 my pet. Yes, they get levels too. Mine is still low. But I’m working very hard on it. I see all the other Biochemist’s and they have 99 blobs. I get jealous. :( But I will get there someday very soon!! I’m dedicated man!!

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  1. i used to play ro too! i’m supposed to have an alchemist like you but decided it would be cuter if it’ll be a merchant forever. by the way, i’ve quit playing ragnarok last year :D

    good luck in leveling. it’s harder to to level transcend characters.

    may i ask what server are you from?

  2. I really want to play RO, and you’re making me jealous :( Friends are talking so much about it… I want it :P

  3. [quote comment=”376″]may i ask what server are you from?[/quote]
    I bounce between the Sakray and Iris servers. :)


  5. I have NO idea what this is but it looks so cute! I’m so gonna have to give it a try


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