Where do I stand?

I read over at Lisa’s blog that there was a way to find out what your stats are for your blog. But she read about how to do it at Marcus’s blog. He read an article on some ways to be a better blogger. So I looked up mine, and this is where I stand: Read more…

Congrat’s to all Blogathoners!

Well, it’s over. Some of us made it through, and I’m sure there are some who didn’t. Like me. I believe I fell asleep around 4:00am. I had decided to close my eyes for a minute because I was feeling sleepy. And when I woke up, it was 10:00am. So, I missed the last couple of hours. I wonder if I was dropped. My monitor told me that people who died out would be, so I wonder if I was. But I did raise $30.00 for my charity. :x

Either way I got a lot of hits, and it looks like I got a few readers, even if they didn’t comment. :) I must not have been all that boring. :lol: But I’ve pulled the curtain over all Blogathon posts. Well, almost all. If you would like to see them all, click on the catagory in the sidebar.

So, now I am going to breakfast with my family because Big Buff thinks I deserve a reward for trying. Maybe next year, I’ll actually last the entire night. :)

Elmo DVD Contest

5 Minutes for Mom is having another contest to win an Elmo Back to School DVD. It’s great if you have a little one that’s about to start school, or if you’re kids just love Elmo in general, like my little guy does. He get’s all giggly when he see’s the little furry red dude. And to be honest I think he’s adorable. I just want to hug him to pieces.

So anyway, all you have to do to enter is comment on their site or post. The drawing for the winners will happen on August 16th, so you have about three weeks to go over and enter yourselves. Get your family and friends to enter well. The more the merrier I always say!

The ‘Net

Being a work at home and stay at home mom (does that make sense?) has been great. I get to spend a lot of time with my little guy. Giving him all the attention he craves and playing trains and cars with him during the day is the best thing I could ask for. But how am I a work at home mom? Well, I do web design, virtual assistant work and sponsored posts for people. It’s not much, but it pays for food. That’s my job according to hubby. LoL. I’ve also learned a lot as I’ve done this. Stuff I didn’t know before. Like how to make the site viewable and readable and not scary while having ads at the same time. I’m still working on perfecting that, but so far what I have learned seems to be working well. :) Not only for me, but for my readers. I’m not “in your face” like a lot of other websites are. Or I try not to be. If I am in some way, people tell me. And I fix it. And while I work on the computer, my little guy learns how to use it as well. He doesn’t touch, but he see’s me and asks questions and such. It’s pretty cute really. Someday he’ll be a geek like his mommy. Not a car freak like his daddy. Or maybe *gasp* he’ll be both. :) Either way, I totally think he’ll be on the computer more then I am doing whatever it is little kids do (under protected accounts).

Bebop to the Beat

Mini loves music. The other day we had gone to the Best Buy down the street and on the way out, the people from the Find Lost Kids foundation were there. We bought some Mother Goose books that came with a CD to go with them. He loved it. We put it into the CD player and he sat there shakin’ his booty and bouncing around. He loves to dance. His new classes will offer dancing which would be awesome. He’ll love that. He’s a little goof-ball. :)

Almost time for a checkup

I’m going to be scheduling Mini Buff’s three year old checkup sometime this week. His birthday is less then two months away and there are some concerns I have. I hope I can get a doctor that will actually listen to me and let me ask questions. We’ve been having a bad streak of pediatricians that don’t let me get a word in edge-wise. Like I said in a past post, I got a copy of this months American Baby. And it has an article in it that talks about speech problems and disorders. After reading the article, I found that some of these “symptoms” are showing in Mini Buff. Stuff like screaming, hitting, banging his head on the floor. I thought maybe he was autistic or had some other disorder. But then again, he’s a very smart baby. After reading this, it might be Apraxia, or Dysarthria. So, I wanna get this stuff checked out. Along with his other “problems”. Such as his attitude problem and his biting. I’m just really worried and want him to be okay in his life. But I wouldn’t mind it if he needed a little extra help. I like to feel needed. ;) He’s my little buddy no matter what though.